Our Projects


Women organisations often lack the skills, insights and experiences to construct strategic alliances with potential partners and stakeholders and to get their voices heard in places of relevance. Therefore We offer leadership and Advocacy and Lobbying training and in-depth knowledge of different methods and skills. We aim to allow women to examine their existing methods and to reflect on their own and others’ use of methods.


We help women and girls to discuss problems and any difficult feelings they encounter in a safe and trusted confidential environment. We build a bridge between counselling the indigenous best practice of and the modern best practice of counselling.


We introduce women to the SDGs as our basic tool to make smooth and significant changes either in their home counties or in these second countries.
We offer entrepreneurship programs in school and the public sector. Together we create new working methods and improve existing support to women and girls. The aim is to be equally inclusive for the development of people, ideas and innovations.
We help women and girls' development, including their organisations to gain access to targeted knowledge, useful and relevant information, viable contacts, and network that help to further boost their contribution to the overall women development and development of their countries of origin.


We help women and girls to integrate into society using Integration speed ( INSE) methods as a strategy for coordination and collaboration within Organization and between Organizations and individuals involved in the integration, Inclusion, empowerment and equality work to contribute to a faster and more efficient integration process.


We support diaspora who want to return so that they themselves are indispensable change agents within development cooperation circles both in the host and home countries.