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Are you willing to be part of and contribute to an equal and just society for girls and women? Become a member or support member. Then you share African Women’s ​​Lobby Vision and values.

Are you willing to contribute to an equal, free and just Society in countries origin, transit and destinations by counteracting violence against women and girls and supporting victims? Become a member.

Are you a lawmaker or lawyer? You can provide legal advice to women exposed to any kinds of violence and injustice and provide support in the preparations for a meeting with the African Women Lobby. Join the African Women Lobby Network.

Are you willing to take an opinion to present African Women’s Lobby activities and organisation and bring to the table knowledge about the REAL issues facing African Women in Africa, transit and Europe today. You can visit organizations, authorities and conferences. Become an informant.

Are you willing to support African Women Lobby by participating in conferences and training? Become a training leader.

You who willing to be involved and support victims of sexual exploitation and abuse and want to allow them to share each other’s experiences and break the isolation. Become a conversation leader.

African Women Lobby Make sure that Your support goes directly to help women and girls who are victims of abuse of various kind include those women and girls who have been forced to flee their town and country. Become a Contributor.

Do you think the African Women’s Lobby does an important job and you are female organisations or a group of women who think that African Women’s should be in your city? become a focal point for the African Women’s Lobby.