The need for AWL

The most disadvantaged population’s voices and concerns are not reaching the ears of policy, decision-makers and donors. It is AWL’s goal to bring together international partners, African governments and local organizations to a space of relationship and partnership building to combat injustice issues facing African women and children today.


Our vision is to shape the future of women with sufficient capacity to opportunities to advance themselves and to pursue their own social, political and economic development potential to the fullest.


Empower women  to create a better future for women and to boost better development in their countries. To partner with local and national communities, policy makers and governments to discuss some of the most difficult and real issues facing African Women in the continent, transit and diaspora.To facilitate meaningful approaches and methods of networking to increase awareness of its members through dialogue and cooperation.


The following are the core values of AWL: We support one another, engage, educate, promote diversity, mutual respect, honesty and trust, responsibility and accountability, cooperation, Law abiding and Integrity.


 Empowering women and girls through

Education  and Leadership training

Humanitarian Support

Social activities such as Health awareness-raising and

Advocacy and bring female organizations together; creatively engage women in various endeavours such as nation-building, development, advocacy, media, and women empowerment.WL strives to work for the development of women and their countries.