Our vision is a peaceful and equal world where the United Nations’ fundamental values are applied to all equally to shape the future of women with sufficient capacity to opportunities to advance themselves and to pursue their own social, political and economic development potential to the fullest.


To work toward achieving gender equality in Africa and Diaspora by promoting women’s rights and empowering women in all areas of life. The AWL aims to ensure that women’s and children’s (girls and boys) voices are heard and their rights are protected at all levels. AWL also aim to .advance cooperation, dialogue, and policy for  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and partner with local and national communities, policy makers and governments and resolve some of the most difficult and real issues facing African Women in the continent, transit and diaspora.



The following are the core values of AWL: We support one another, engage, educate, promote diversity, mutual respect, honesty, trust, responsibility and accountability, cooperation, Law abiding and Integrity. 


To promote and protect women’s human rights in all areas of life, including combating gender-based violence, ensuring access to justice, and advocating for women’s sexual and reproductive rights. The AWL strives to increase women’s participation and representation in decision-making processes at all levels. The AWL advocates for equal economic opportunities for women, including fair wages, work-life balance policies, and measures to address gender gaps in employment, entrepreneurship, and leadership positions. AWL seeks to eliminate discrimination and stereotypes that hinder women’s economic empowerment. AWL works towards ending all forms of violence against women and girls. AWL calls for gender mainstreaming in all policies and legislation at all level.The AWL aims to strengthen networks and collaboration among women’s organisations, Diaspora NGOs and movements across world. To  Building trust and bridge between countries/continents.

We develop Strategies for communication, collaboration and coordination with policy makers and stakeholders in that regard.


 We support peace,  dialogue and mediation, peace building and sustainable development.

We analyse the opportunities and challenges for women participation in their countries of origin and host  countries.

We lobby and advocate for services and programs that bring positive change to African women and their children.

We  understand and Use different perspectives, advocacy and lobby tools.

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