The African Women’s Lobby (AWL) is a trusted voice for gender equality, championing the equitable application of United Nations’ fundamental values globally. As a dynamic platform, we bridge the world with the African continent, dedicated to fostering comprehensive development across social, political, and economic spheres.


The African Women’s Lobby (AWL) is a dedicated platform and trusted voice, fostering connections between the world and the African continent to propel gender equality, peace, and development. Our mission encompasses empowering women, girls, and boys through comprehensive development opportunities across social, political, and economic spheres. By engaging with the African Diaspora, we actively seek to catalyze economic growth and investment, fostering empowerment within diverse communities.


The African Women’s Lobby (AWL) upholds a set of foundational principles that guide our actions and define our identity:

  • Supportive Unity
  • Respectful Interaction
  • Unwavering Honesty
  • Trusted Partners
  • Accountability and Responsibility
  • Collaboration and Compliance
  • Integrity at the Core
  • Caring Ethos.


The African Women’s Lobby (AWL) is dedicated to realizing its mission and vision through a multifaceted approach:

  • We aim to Promote and Protect Women’s Human Rights.
  • We are advocating for Equal Economic Opportunities.
  • Eliminating Discrimination and Stereotypes. 
  • Ending Violence Against Women and Girls.
  • Gender Mainstreaming in Policies and Legislation. 
  • Strengthening Networks and Collaboration.
  • Building Trust and Bridges.

We develop Strategies for communication, collaboration and coordination with policy makers and stakeholders in that regard.

We support peace,  dialogue and mediation, peace building and sustainable development.

We analyse the opportunities and challenges for women participation in their countries of origin and host  countries.

We lobby and advocate for services and programs that bring positive change to African women and their children.

We  understand and Use different perspectives, advocacy and lobby tools.

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