AWL Peace Initiative

15th July 2021

”As mothers, we must make sure the world is safe for our babies … Look at one child, one baby…I have three children, and I’m a doctor who treats children. I live with grieving parents. I understand the value of every human life… I appeal especially to the women to do this [peace] work because we understand the genesis of life. Our bodies are built to nurture life”.

The African Women’s Lobby (AWL) is a regional non-profit organization whose purpose is to strengthen peace, security, development and encourage all conflicted parties to end war and famine, refugee camps, force migration, and early death of children  – because children are the future & they deserve to live and be loved. There is no better way to do this than the absence of war. 

We, therefore, extend to the South Sudan Government and inside and outstanding opposition groups our invitation for peace and a better South Sudan. We are united to be leading a meditation that deals with two passions which we are deeply committed to: ‘peace’ and ‘peace in Africa,’ and to lobby for people who share this passion. 

Our focus is to encourage all South Sudan parties to put forward their policies for better South Sudan and translate them into a concrete peace and development plan’ through collective wisdom and experience to shape and sharpen a comprehensive concrete peace plan in the coming AWL’s conference in Africa in September 2021.

Women are honest cadres to contribute to ending the conflict and instability in South Sudan and Africa. We are neutral, and we seek to cooperate with all parties and provide the skills and experiences of African women when it comes to nurturing peace. We know that the South Sudan Revitalized Agreement period will end in September 2022. 

We, therefore, invite all willing leaders from the government and inside and outstanding oppositions who are determined to join the Struggle Against War and help the Nation achieve sustainable peace. The AWL, therefore, formed the Committee and enhanced the process of compelling dialogue with all South Sudan political parties and leaders. The African Women’s Lobby Mediation Committee (AWL-MC) including:

Ms. Gisma R. Mou Mou, AWL chiar

Ms Roselyn Joseph Oduho, AWL deputy chair

Ms Rebecca Deng, AWL member

Ms Suzan Grace Duku, AWL member

Ms Esther Muchiri, AWL member

Ms Wilo Abdulle, AWL member

Ms. Frida Hetsröm, AWL Member

Ms. Nyajuok Tongyik, AWL member

Ms. Abuk Jervas Makuac, AWL member

Ms Lidia John Jock, S. Sudan member of National Parliament, member

Ms Mary Akech, S. Sudan member of  National Parliament, member

Ms Susan Wasuk, S. Sudan member of National Parliament, member

Ms Mary Ayen Majak, S. Sudan member of National Parliament, member

Ms Adut Atem Bulgak, South Sudan Basketball Federation member.   


AWL  Committee For Mediation Initiative Of Peace In South Sudan
Email: Awlreden@Gmail.Com
Website: www.Africanwomenlobby.Org

4 thoughts on “AWL Peace Initiative”

  1. Mayen Mangok Ruop

    Great iniative, I thank all of you who came up the with idea as it’s a landmark achievement for the people of South Sudan. Keep the spirit and may God bless you.
    Stay safe from covid-19.

  2. Atem Ngor Atem lueth

    “A world without mother is like a farm without rain”

    There is nothing like the love of mother to child. A mother carried a baby for nine months and breastfeed for another one year while enduring all the pains and suffering.
    I’ve personally seen this nature in Africa women lobby group.
    We are blessed as the youths for having such a caring mothers and initiative takers, it’s time for us as youth to come together and denounce all forms of violence be inflicted on our minds by politicians and work forward in order to payback our mothers who had suffered for so long while nurturing us.

    We all know that youth are the backbone of any society and as the matter I’m calling to south Sudanese political parties to give peace a chance and empower youths to take on developmental issues in order to realize the course of our martyrs who had lost their lives in due course of our independence south Sudan.
    “Give peace a chance”

    Long live south Sudan
    Long live AWL

    Atem Ngor Atem lueth
    Law student
    Ain shams University-Cairo.

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